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K3 Management has operated for 15 plus years with a different approach than the average HOA management company, and we do things differently by design.

Too many homeowners experience overloaded community managers, poor communication, and a lack of understanding that homeowners are the core customer. HOA management companies typically don’t deliver on what board members and homeowners need. Board members want well-trained, empowered, and capable employees that can make it a pleasant experience to serve on a board of directors.

Instead of overwhelming community managers with unmanageable workloads and responsibilities, we divide and conquer, hiring community managers, maintenance and project managers, accountants and more to deal with any problem that you may run into. This lessens the load on your community manager and greatly improves the service that we can provide. Now your Community Manager has the time to return phone calls and provide significant value to your community.

We know that you, as a homeowner and board member, deserve better within your community. You deserve an HOA management company who cares about the little things, isn’t afraid to get involved, and has the time and resources to ensure your community and board run as smoothly as possible.

It’s time to get more out of your HOA community management partner, and we are here to deliver! If you have been disappointed in the services of a property manager in the past, discover the headache free solutions offered at K3 Management Services. Request a proposal today!